Outreach and Awareness of GKMS Activities

Gramin Krishi Mausam Sewa (GKMS) is a flagship scheme of the India Meteorological Department (IMD) in collaboration with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and various state agricultural universities (SAUs), ICAR institutes, Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs) and Non governmental organization (NGOs). The primary objective of the GKMS is to prepare and disseminate the... Continue Reading →

Different Kinds of Weather Forecasts and their utility in Agriculture

1.         Need for Weather Forecasts for Agriculture Weather plays an important role in agricultural production systems through its influence on the growth, development and yields of a crop, incidence of pests and diseases, water needs and fertilizer requirements in terms of differences in nutrient mobilization due to water stresses andtimeliness and effectiveness of prophylactic and... Continue Reading →

Blog on Urban Meteorological Services

An exponential growth of urban population has put stress on scarce resources and poses massive sustainability challenges for housing, infrastructure, basic services, food security, health, education, decent jobs, safety, natural resources etc. Although, crowded cities are centres of creativity and economic progress, but face serious challenges on account of polluted air, extreme weather conditions, flooding... Continue Reading →

Understanding Weather & Air Quality

The weather is one of the main factors affecting the air quality. Weather can help to clear away pollutants from atmosphere to improve  air quality, or it can make air pollution extremely worse by helping to form pockets of highly polluted regions or dispersepollutants from source.Rain washes out water-soluble pollutant gases and particulate matter helping to... Continue Reading →

FAQs on NWP model charts

FAQ on NWP model charts What is Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP)? Numerical weather prediction (NWP) is a method of weather forecasting that employs a set of Hydro-dynamical equations that describe the motion in the atmosphere and oceans to predict the future weather condition based on current weather conditions. Current weather observations serve as input (initial... Continue Reading →

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) on Monsoon

What is the all India monthly and seasonal rainfall? All India monthly rainfall is the amount of accumulated rainfall received over India for a particular month. For example, All India monthly rainfall of June 2018 is 155.7mm. Similarly All India seasonal rainfall is the amount of accumulated rainfall received over India for a particular season.... Continue Reading →

Rainfall Estimation using Image Processing and Regression Model on DWR Rainfall Product for Delhi-NCR Region

Observed rainfall is a very essential parameter for the analysis of rainfall, day to day weather forecast and its validation. The observed rainfall data is only available from five observatories of IMD; while no rainfall data is available at various important locations in and around Delhi-NCR. However, the 24-hour rainfall data observed by Doppler Weather... Continue Reading →

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